Friday, November 19, 2010

Got the Gift Of Game?

Turn it into Cash!
Having the gift of game isn’t much different from having the gift of gab, except maybe gabbers are much more annoying.I’m certain that you’ve probably heard the stories by now; people actually do win money “skill gaming”! We wouldn’t report it if it weren’t true! Skill Gaming sites such as WorldWinner,, and SkillAddiction all offer a variety of competitive skill gaming competitions.

WorldWinner Skill Gaming - 8 Things That Make Us Grimace

We do enjoy skill gaming, but we love “lists” even better.  We’ve compiled our list of 8 things that might happen to you as you play on the popular skill gaming site. Of course the list isn’t all inclusive, but some of these things tend to get a rise out of most of us.  

WorldWinner Ladder Tips, Cheats and Strategies

So ya wanna try you luck at a skill gaming ladder?  Ladders can be fun, and particularly rewarding, if you know how to play them.  Using our tips, you can make the most of your skill gaming experiences in ladder tournaments. 

WorldWinner Foul, Not Fair Matching System

Before we bash WorldWinner’s competitive fair matching system, we must give "some" credit to the powers that be; WW has made an attempt (and we use the term loosely) at striking a competitive balance on the popular skill gaming site, but there are several factors that still undermine the credibility of the system.

Anatomy of the Yahoo Spades 3 Minute Staller

Anatomy of the Yahoo Spades 3 Minute Staller

If you’re here reading this, then there’s a good chance you’re stuck in a 3 minute game with a staller.  Well, good luck to you in your game, but maybe we can provide some interesting reading for you while you wait.  The question of the day as it pertains to stallers is; why do they do it?  Let’s examine!

Increase Your Yahoo Spades Ratings

The online version of the popular table game has  somewhat of a "luck" factor applied, that can be difficult to overcome. In an effort to keep games competitive, card distribution tends to favor the team that's losing. Good players still have great success and average players can improve their rating by following these 7 easy tips! (If you’re reading this list, it is assumed that you know the basics of the game, and the list is provided to increase your chances of winning online!)