Friday, November 19, 2010

WorldWinner Skill Gaming - 8 Things That Make Us Grimace

We do enjoy skill gaming, but we love “lists” even better.  We’ve compiled our list of 8 things that might happen to you as you play on the popular skill gaming site. Of course the list isn’t all inclusive, but some of these things tend to get a rise out of most of us.  

Fair Matching – we hate that fair matching is primarily based on dollar amounts rather than your true skill level. One could argue that winning/skill level is directly proportional, but just because I can win a reasonable amount of games in division II, doesn’t mean I can compete in division I.   

Hitting the “make deposit” buttonI can’t imagine anyone who doesn’t grimace at having to hit the deposit button on WW.  If only all of us could be like the few of us whom haven’t hit the deposit button in 3 years!  

Seeing your first score in the daily not even come close to the top 10 – WW has true skill gamers, and some actually do it as their day job.  It is however, very discouraging to see an unbelievable score at the top of the daily tournaments by an elite player—probably one of those non-depositor type people! 

Knowing that one of the elite players has decided to play at the same time as you have – At one time, the elites would come on and play several games in a row in an attempt to pick up some quick wins and quick cash.  For those of you that are unfamiliar, an elite would start 5 games of 5 player diner dash, so that when you came along, your next 5 games would be against that player.  It’s not as much as a problem as it use to be, but it’s still very annoying.  Tip: add the elites to you buddy list so you can see the last time they played a game.  If it’s been within the last hour or so…stay clear. 

Player Services Reps - who copy and paste preformed replies into the live help chat box. Can they take care of issues without using a useless scripted response? Sometimes I wonder about this...are the customer service folks at WW robots?

Thinking about the geek that came up with the current FMS – Supposedly a group of MIT folks developed the system, but I’m sure they aren’t skill gaming on a daily basis.  If you’re an elite gamer, then I’m sure the FM system doesn’t affect you as much as the other 90% of us.  

Not seeing your name on the Happy Hour Winner Leaderboard – For crying out loud….some players have won 25,000 rewards points two or three times, and others, none at all.  Win it once, and at the very least, you should be taken out of the “possible win pool” for a month. 

The ridiculous tax statement at the end of the year -Ok, ok, cant necessarily put this one on WW, after all, they are just following IRS rules. It's beyond me how a player could have a tangible net loss of 1000 dollars, but have to claim 1800 dollars as miscellaneous income.  In the words of Hurley (from Lost)--"WTF dude!" Leave your comments 

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