Friday, November 19, 2010

WorldWinner Ladder Tips, Cheats and Strategies

So ya wanna try you luck at a skill gaming ladder?  Ladders can be fun, and particularly rewarding, if you know how to play them.  Using our tips, you can make the most of your skill gaming experiences in ladder tournaments. 

You didn’t really think we had “actual” cheats or cheat codes for you did you? We will certainly not help you “cheat” your way to the top of a ladder, (or any tournament for that matter), but you can improve you chances of earning daily rewards points, and winning some money as well.

Never underestimate your ladder opponent.  Ladder tournament games are one attempt and one attempt only! Make sure you aren’t distracted, and that your internet connection is good. Trying risky moves in ladder games could be the difference between winning and losing. Play it straight up. In games like Diner Dash, choose your power ups wisely. The podium power up in Diner Dash would probably be the last option I would choose.

When ladder seeding opens, you should try and gain a good initial placement position. After the initial seeding is over, you won’t have to work as hard to get to the better spots on the ladder. It’s better to initiate the challenge, rather than be challenged.  Keep in mind, if you initiate the challenge, you can only move up if you win.  If you are not initiating challenges, that means you are being challenged by lower seeds! A loss would then mean you move down on the ladder. The logic behind initiating the challenge is; if you’re in a rewards point’s position, you could conceivably hold that position for 48 hours. 

Let’s say you’re at position 30 on the ladder and you initiate a challenge to the 20th position.  If the gamer in position 20 waits 24 hours to play the tournament, you’ve still maintained your position at 30 (a rewards points position) and you can’t be challenged by a lower seed.  If you happen to lose your initiated challenge, and are subsequently challenged by a lower seed, you would also have 24 hours to complete your tournament.  It’s an effective strategy for holding your position as long as you can.

Always be prepared to rematch your opponent…win or lose.  In other words, upon completion of your game, either initiate a new challenge to move up, or be prepared for a more than likely rematch with your previous opponent.  Try and avoid forfeits as well.    They will get you moved down the ladder in a hurry if you’re not careful. Check your challenges daily! If at all possible, get your rewards points for the day, and then play your challenges.  Rewards points are credited at 11:59 eastern time, daily. 

These are a few general tips to help you in your skill gaming ladder tournaments.  Each individual game (Diner Dash, Bejeweled2, Luxor, etc.) undoubtedly has specific strategies that you might want to employ to help your chances. Enjoy your ladders, and most importantly…..make some cash!

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  1. These losers just stopped the Spades Ladder without any notice. I am done with them.